Load break Switch-Manual /Motorized

Load break switch- Manual/Motorized (11KV to 33KV)

We manufacture high performing 11 KV to 33 kV three pole load break switches which are manually or motorized operated. Fabricated in simple and robust design.

Application : These load break switches are widely used in a number of applications as follows:

Transformer switching

Ring main gears (RMG)


These are type tested at CPRI in accordance with IS9920 / IEC 265; following table presents detail about this:

Type Type Reference – 12 KV Type Reference – 24 KV Type Reference – 36 KV
Load break switch with earth switch and fuse trip mechanism PSG-12-LBSESFT PSG-24-LBS-ESFT PSG-36-LBS-ESFT
Load break switch with earth switch PSG-12-LBS-ES PSG-24-LBS-ES PSG-36-LBS-ES
Load break switch with fuse trip mechanism PSG-12-LBS-FT PSG-24-LBS-FT PSG-36-LBS-FT