Porcelain clad

Outdoor Porcelain Clad VCB (PCVCB)


PENTAGON SWITCHGEAR PRIVATE LIMITED manufactures outdoor type Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers (PSGPC-36), which are structure mounted, easy to install for use in 36KV systems. These breakers are of open terminal type with reliable and well proven vacuum interrupters in weather proof porcelain housing. Adequate phase clearances and heights have been provided to meet standard safety requirements. The three poles are mechanically ganged to a common operating mechanism. It is suitable for direct connection to overhead supply lines. The operating mechanism is housed in a separate cubicle with manual/motorized spring charged mechanism. The design of this PCVCB incorporates a minimum number of moving parts and a simple assembly which ensures a long electrical and mechanical service life. This breaker is designed to handle all the switching including rapid auto - reclosing. More over quite and low vibration operation and high temperature sustainability enable the breaker to be used in hazardous conditions. Against customers requirement the breaker can be supplied with extended structure for mounting Current Transformers & Potential Transformers, Terminal connectors & Castle key interlock. We can also offer a separate control & Relay Panel as per customers requirement which can be installed either Indoor or Outdoor.


Control & protection of Overhead Lines, Distribution Transformers, Motors, Capacitor banks, Power supply utilities. Transformer & Switching, substations operated by Automobile Industries, Rolling Mills, Iron & Steel Industry, Paper & Food Industries, etc..

Type Tested and Confirms to latest IS/IEC Standards

  • Simple, Compacts for easy to operate.
  • Perfect harmony between Vacuum interrupter and Operating Mechanism.
  • High reliability and safety of operations.
  • Suitable for Auto re-closing duty.
  • Hermitically sealed Vacuum Interrupter to protect contacts
  • Free from oxidation & Contamination.
  • Very Minimal maintenance.
  • Totally re strike free.
  • Low noise level.
Rating PSGPC Duty Cycle O – 0.3sec – CO – 3 min - CO
Rated Voltage 36KV Opening Time 45 – 50 ms
Power Frequency withstand Voltage 70KV - rms Total Break Time 55 – 70 ms
Impulse withstand Voltage 170KV Peak Closing Time 55 – 70 ms
Rated Frequency 50 Hz Reclosing Time 3 min
Creepage distance to earth 910 mm Contact Stroke 22+1 min
Across Breaker 910 mm Operating Mechanism 230v AC/DC Motorized/Manual
Rated Normal Current 1600 A   Spring Charge Operating Mechanism
Rated Short time Current 25 KV Trip/Close Coil 24V, 30V, 48V, 110V, 230V DC/200W
Rated Short Circuit Duration 3 Secs. Aux. Contacts 6 NO + 6 NC
First Pole 1.5 Degree of Protection IP - 55